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 Building community and supporting the enrichment of the educational experience of ATLAS.

Build community

We seek to build community by bringing families, parents, teachers, and staff together for social and educational events.


We seek to fundraise money to provide monetary support to teachers for classroom supplies and needs and to bring addition enrichment to the school (like Leader in Me).

New ideas & fun

We bring new and fun ideas to the school to make the student experience at ATLAS even more amazing!

Volunteer & get involved!

We welcome all community members to volunteer and get involved with the PTA.


A key element of our role is to raise funds to support the educational experience. Our funds enable teachers to have additional classroom supplies, the children to have meaningful assemblies, the school to enrich the curriculum with leadership and technology and more!

Man’s hand places heart in the donation slot. The concept of the donor of blood or human organs, saving lives. Copy space for

ATLAS spirit gear

Show your school spirit and pride! Get your spirit gear here!

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Janci Pettit

“I chose to be involved with the PTA so I can help make my kids’ school a great place to be for kids, their families, faculty, and staff.”

Jaimie Hoffman

“Originally, I did not see myself as the type of person that would join the PTA, but I really appreciate the work our teachers do and wanted to help.  I am glad I got out of my comfort-zone because working with the PTA to support our teachers and improve our school has been a really rewarding experience.”

Erik Peterson